"From the time I entered the hospital around 9am on Tuesday until I was discharged the next morning, I received nothing but the finest of quality care. I would highly recommend OSH to anyone."
- Donna Banks
Our Doctors:

Dr. Andrade

Dr. Beall

Dr. Cox

Dr. Eckman

Dr. Engles

Dr. Hahn

Dr. Hisey

Dr. Horton

Dr. L'Heureux

Dr. Marshall

Dr. Mitchell

Dr. Nasr

Dr. Odor

Dr. Parkinson

Dr. Porter

Dr. Remondino

Dr. Reynolds

Dr. Snell

Dr. Stetson

Dr. Tibbs

Dr. White

Dr. Wienecke

Dr. Yates

Hospital Administration:

Kevin Blaylock, CEO

Cecilia Yowell, RN Clinical Operations

C. Eric Eckman, M.D.

14101 Parkway Commons Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Office: (405) 749-2762
Fax: (405) 749-2729

Stanford University

Medical School:
Medical College of Wisconsin

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Board Certified:
Radiology and Pain Management

Medical Societies:American Medical Association
International Spinal Injection Society