"From check-in, to pre-op, post surgery...you name it, everyone at Oklahoma Spine Hospital was upbeat and professional, and would do anything for my comfort. It was a wonderful experience, the surgery went well and I am home doing great." - Paul Seikel

Welcome to the Oklahoma Spine Hospital. We are a physician-owned specialty spine hospital providing advanced medical and surgical treatment for patients suffering from diseases of the spine and chronic pain, through quality health services intended to restore, maintain, and improve patient wellness.

Our Vision
It is our vision to provide a superior facility and quality medical services that enable our physicians to best serve the needs of our patients and our community.

Commitment to Our Patients
Oklahoma Spine Hospital is committed to providing each patient with the finest, personalized medical and surgical care through comprehensive spinal condition evaluation, concise explanation of our findings and recommendations, and the most effective treatment expertly performed in a comfortable and safe environment.

Our Goal
It is our goal to always recognize and respect each patient as an individual, a patient's rights to privacy, and need for emotional support and guidance.